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Benny Kong & Tsai, Solicitors

Our Firm was established by Mr. Benny Kong in 1996, and is one of the few firms in Hong Kong which specializes in intellectual property matters. Over the years, our Firm has provided strategic advice in litigation cases and cost-effective registration services to our clients.

Benny Kong & Tsai, Solicitors is a law firm devoted to intellectual property based in Hong Kong. Established in 1996, we have represented big international brands as well as SMEs from all over the world in a whole range of aspects covering registration, commercial, watch & enforcement and litigation. We share our reserve of experience and knowledge with our clients and provide them with comprehensive solutions to their IP-related matters. Through our years of practice, we have established a solid global network to provide our clients with cost-effective IP-related services all around the world.

In order to provide efficient management to our clients, our team, watch & enforcement team and litigations team work together to provide relevant services to our clients, including investigation of infringment activities, analysis of trade mark infringement, issue of cease and desist letters, prosecution of infringers, etc..


Tel: (852) 3105 5100

Address: Unit 19B, Overseas Trust Bank Building, No. 160 Gloucester Road, Hong Kong

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