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Century Strong Limited

Century Strong has been serving Hong Kong since 1988 on professional pest management. From Government-appointed environmental pest management projects, large public places to private housings, we always provide them with high-quality pest control technology and solutions.

Entering into a new era, we aim at introducing more environmentally friendly and more natural pest control and environmental solutions to customers

We are the sole agent of Nisus Corporation, which provide all-rounded natural pest control products from termite to bed bugs, based in US, Nisus has been the world’s leading provider of green pest control solutions and one of the most respected industry research centers in the world.

At the same time, we also introduce Taiwan’s No.1 de-formaldehyde products - Greenkey® into Hong Kong. It is a natural de-formaldehyde coating made from chitin. It is developed and refined by HOPAX International. Rather than temporarily eliminating or hiding the formaldehyde problem, the product decomposes formaldehyde from the source, which can completely protect the health of Hong Kong families.

We utilize precise prevention and pest control technologies, to eradicate the threats brought by pest and pollution. Our solutions will not harm the environment and living creatures, so that we could bring about an ideal state which we can live with nature in perfect harmony.

  • Provide law-abiding pesticides and professional pest control services

  • Use Green Pest Management GPM™ to minimize effects on human and beneficial insects

  • Devise precise pest control programs to minimize pesticides’ adverse effects

  • Utilize natural formaldehyde remover for long term decomposition of formaldehyde

  • Integrate and solve various environmental issues

  • Solve problems with professional knowledge and technologies

  • Guarantee satisfactory services will be provided to our clients

  • Advocate the use of natural pesticides in lieu of chemicals

  • Raise public awareness of the importance of environmental and pest management


Tel: (852) 2896 5272

Address: Flat 4, 3/F, 27 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

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