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Chung's Recycle International Limited

The management team has been engaged in environmental recycling business for more than ten years. In 2016, Chung's Recycle International Limited was formally established, a company integrating recycling, processing and trading, providing diversified services to the public. Including: recycling, confidential product destruction, product destruction, metal recycling, aluminum waste processing, shutouts product handling, electronic product electronic parts recycling, scrap metal processing, demolition services, etc.

Customer-oriented, to provide customers with high-quality professional services is the company's philosophy, upholding the environmental protection attitude and purpose of "making the best use of everything, and using it properly" to serve the general public. Thanks to the management team’s more than ten years of operating experience in the recycling industry and the support of its sister company Chung's Container S&T Co Ltd strong logistics network, Chung's Recycle has a solid foundation in local business and has a long-term advantage in international business growth.

Nowadays, the society is extravagant and wasteful, and a lot of resources are discarded before they are properly used. Chung's Recycle is committed to returning these wasted resources to the commercial society and regaining their due value. We always firmly believe that an effective business model which could help the business growth in a good way.

Chung's Recycle is determined to become a pioneer in the recycling industry, and is brave to explore more possibilities. In the future, under the premise of optimizing the existing business, Chung's Recycle will continue to expand the processing and production business, strengthen the interaction between the environmental protection and recycling business and the commercial society, and be able to better connect with China, Hong Kong and International, continue cultivate in the field of environmental protection and recycling business.


Tel: (852) 2445 9166

Fax: (852) 2475 9122

Address: DD121, Long Hon Road, Shan Ha Tsuen, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

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1 Comment

Mar 06, 2023

If you are doing business of recycling then i think i should sell junk cars to your company. It's of no use and you can recycle it and make it again useful for other purposes.

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