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Fasary (Hong Kong) Company Limited


“Seaweed”- It is reported that the first substance on Earth which can release oxygen is a primitive seaweed named “blue green algae”. It is because these little seaweeds can perform photosynthesis, so that oxygen can be accumulated in the air for a long period, and create the current Earth environmental condition. Seaweed contains ingredient of natural colors formed by its unique photosynthesis process, it takes advantage of the solar energy released from under the sea. According to the colors of the existing seaweed, we can divide them into three categories: Green Algae, Red Algae, and Brown Algae.

The main ingredient of FASARY’s product series is the brown algae, which comes from the pure French ocean. Japan’s skin care product industry has discovered that, the brown algae living in the deep sea not only contain extremely rich collagen. At the same time, it also contains various kinds of Amino Acid and micronutrients. Additionally, it is easy to be absorbed by the human body, hence, provides double moisturizers, for enhancing skin condition and improving dry skin. In reaching the effectiveness of hydrating, moisturizing, anti-wrinkling, whitening and restoring flexibility of the skin, it promptly improves skin conditions. It is a skin care product of the new generation, which brings nature, safety, and pollution free for our skin health.

Gem of the Japanese advanced technology – the world’s brand new concept of environmentally-friendly FASARY Series. Starting with the slight differences and aging factors found in difference skin types, FASARY combines the most updated research results of microorganism and marine biology and the foundation of the 3rd generation of bio-skincare products, for the first time ever, they implement biosynthesis to their 4th generation, giving the most direct and gentle skin care from a bio-skincare products.


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