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Lung Kee Metal Ltd

Address: Unit A,15/F, Kings Wing Plaza 2, No.1 On Kwan Street, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, China

Tel: (852) 2342 2248

Fax: (852) 2341 8544


Founded in 1975, Lung Kee Group (LKM) is one of the world's leading mould base suppliers, servicing mould makers worldwide. LKM's main business lines are standard mould bases, high precision interchangeable plates, custom-made mould bases, precision machining and mould components. LKM is also a distributor of quality tool steel brands such as Assab, Daido, ArcelorMittal and "LKM Special Steel". LKM operates a number of production facilities in Asia, with a workforce of over 4000 employees and a portfolio of over 600 CNC machining centres.

"LKM" is the abbreviation of Lung Kee Metal, or "Lung's (name of founders) Hardware Store". During the past 40 years, LKM was a participant in the incredible growth story of the mould making industry in Asia. Through commitments to quality and integrity, and a relentless drive to excellence, LKM developed from its modest beginning into an industry-leading powerhouse in mould base manufacturing. LKM was the first Hong Kong company to introduce CNC machining centres for mould base manufacturing. Its reputation as the industry leader was further solidified through listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1993.

Today, LKM is widely-regarded as the "go-to" supplier for high-end mould makers in Asia. Looking ahead, LKM will strive to create values for its customers by strengthening all-round services.

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