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Lusso Design Limited

“Lusso Design Limited” was established in 2010, focusing on interior design / soft furnishing / decoration design and renovation projects.

“Lusso” from Lusso Design is Italian and can be interpreted as luxurious / noble / elegant / luxury. The "elegance" in Lusso was selected as the company's Chinese name, and each project was designed with the design concept of elegance in the luxury as the company's creative concept.

“Lusso” has experienced, responsible design and construction team, through rigorous training and requirements. Integration with the design departments to make the space aesthetic and engineering quality implementation, to create a comfortable and elegant interior space for customers to meet the different requirements and preferences of customers.

Since the establishment of Lusso Design, it has collaborated with mainland China’s domestic developers on dozens occasions to design show flats, sales offices and entrance halls, lift lobby, clubhouse, cafe, restaurant, etc., and soft furnishings, as well as the interior design of multiple villas.


Tel: (852) 2891 2733

Fax: (852) 2891 2766

Address: Unit C 18/F YHC Tower, 1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay . KLN . Hong Kong

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