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Pet-Link Co. Ltd

Hong Kong Pet-Link Co. Ltd. was established in 1996, specializing in supplying small pet feed, food and related appliances. Pet-Link started from a small business and continuously expands the business over the years. Nowadays, Pet-link owns subsidiaries such as i love rabbit and Rabbit Mall. i love rabbit has ten branches in Hong Kong, all branches are located in high-traffic areas in order to provide convenience for customers. Rabbit mall has become the largest small pet supplies in China.

Pet-Link continuously develops its own brands, own-brands have been well penetrated in the small pet market with highly value; its own brands include Alex, Alice, Jolly, ONO, Pet's 88 and Dr. Bunny etc. Pet-Link keeps enhancing the product portfolio by introducing new brands and products with strong potential. Pet-Link is confident in providing high quality products and offering a wide small pet product choice to meet the customer needs.

In addition to selling its own-brand, Pet-Link operates as the sole agent for many international brands, such as Oxbow, Bunny Nature, Wooly, Vetafarm, Nature's Eco.

Pet-link is constantly looking for opportunities to develop export business. Through years of dedicated hard work, Pet-Link has established a strong presence in the greater China and Asia Pacific region. With our dynamic and expanding network of resellers in the regions, we can deliver comprehensive range of quality pet products designed to meet the needs of different customers. In order to further strengthen the competitiveness of our product offerings, Pet-Link will strategically broaden the variety of small pet product, strengthen and review its own brand performance. Also, we will continuously identify consumers’ preferences for new products and provide appropriate products to satisfy such needs.

Hong Kong Pet-Link Company Limited is committed to provide customers with high-quality small pet products and continue to enhance customer loyalty and consolidate brand leadership.


Tel: (852) 2661 1505

Fax : (852) 2661 1513

Address: Flat D, 12/F, Block 2, Tai Ping Ind. Centre, No.55 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, N.T., HK

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