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Sanwa BioTech

Address: Unit 2, 5/F, Wah Lai Industrial Centre 10 - 14 Kwei Tei Street, Fo Tan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2698 9903

Fax: (852) 3619 5770


Sanwa BioTech was established in December 2012 with the vision of transforming the diagnostic landscape.

Our mission is to save lives by streamlining clinical diagnostic processes. We focus on combating time-critical and life-threatening diseases and outbreaks with our automated, multi-target diagnostic testing platform.

At Sanwa BioTech, we believe that impending changes are coming of conventional clinical diagnostics & academic R&D for bio-discoveries. We aim to become a driving force for these changes and to revolutionize healthcare solutions into the future.

To accomplish our vision, we have developed an effective personalized Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) platform with digital healthcare solutions. This provides patients with diagnostic results and suitable treatment at unprecedented speeds. With our cutting-edge POCT platform and BioChip system, we deliver accurate and actionable diagnostic results for faster clinical decisions and better economic outcomes. This rapid response and disposable BioChip can be used in human healthcare, pet health, livestock surveillance, and food safety for disease monitoring, especially at the human-animal interface (HAI) to combat infectious disease outbreaks.

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