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Vigor Toys Ltd

One of The World's Largest Manufacturer of Plastic Gearbox

Supply Mechanical Gearbox to the Majority of World's Plastic Gearbox Market

Vigor Toys Ltd, dedicated to serve the industries with High Quality Plastic Gearbox. Incorporated in 1982, Vigor had witnessed the take-off of the toys industries; Vigor Toys Ltd has now successfully become the best and the largest to plastic gearbox manufacturer; we share over 70% of the World’s Mechanical Gearbox market, we can offer a daily cap for over4 millions pcs of gearboxes.

We have been working closely with big brands like “McDonald”, “Burger King’s”, Wendy’s”, “Hasbro”, “Mattel”, “Playmates”, “Taco Bell”, “Lego”, and many others.

Our Headquarter is based in Hong Kong, with production plants in Dongguan Province, Guangzhou. Our factories are equipped with the latest technologies, advanced machineries & facilities and central material supply system. To ensure the production of top quality precision gears, our manufacturing techniques are upgraded constantly.


Tel: (852) 2407 5498

Fax: (852) 2407 3148

Address: Flat A1, 8/F, Block A, Texaco Road Industrial Centre, 256-264 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, HK

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