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Viscentom Bio Limited

Address: 1/F Hung Wai Industrial Building, No 3 Hi Yip Street, Yuen Long, N.T., HK

Tel: (852) 3481 9100


VST is a company that contributes to the happiness of human beings with aesthetic scent by supplying innovative products based on medical and biological technologies.

In the age of fourth industrialization, human beings pursue diverse, original, high-level thinking, action and values.

VST pursues a company that meets these high levels of customer needs by producing and supplying innovative products through constant research, development, challenge and knowledge development in the field of medical device biotechnology products.

VST will do its best to become a leading company in the field of biotechnology in a rapidly changing global environment and to be a future-oriented company.

We will reward customers' trust by creating a safe and complete product and maintaining consistent consistency.

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