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WOW PET SHOP of Hong Kong was officially founded in 2014. It has been only 3 years but it has already led the fashion of decorating the pets.

The brand founder, Iris, has three interbreed dogs. She has seen other people’s preference on dogs of famous species and prejudice on interbreed dogs. Therefore, it occurred to her that she could create neck decorations for pets. In order to make her three babies more valuable, while sticking to the premise that the comfort of the pet when wearing the decoration comes first, she has searched for light and soft first-class materials all around the world and made handmade delicate neck decorations of various types based on customized design. There are hundreds of different lovely themes. Pets of all kinds can be carefully decorated so that the prejudice on them can be changed. She advocated that there is no hierarchy among pets and there is no difference between pure species and interbreed ones, so that to build a world of universal harmony and love for pets.


Tel: (852) 2152 0222

Address: Unit F, 4/F, Tung Kin Factory Bldg, No. 202 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay, HK

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